DAC356535-ZZ auto wheel hub bearing 35x65x35mm bearing DAC356535 DAC356535-2Z DAC356535-2RS


Auto wheel hub bearing DAC356535-ZZ is developed on the basis of standard angle contact ball bearing. DAC356535-ZZ combines two sets of bearings with good assembly performance, omission of clearance adjustment, light weight, compact structure, large load capacity, pre loading grease for sealed bearings, omission of external hub seal and maintenance. 

1 Specifications of auto wheel hub bearing DAC356535-ZZ

drawing of auto-bearing-dac356535 ZZ-wheel-hub-bearing dac356535 ZZ

Bearing No.:DAC356535-ZZ

Bearing type: wheel hub bearing

Bearing material:Chrome steel




Seal type: double shields(ZZ type)

Remark: Besides ZZ, open type, rubber seal(2RS type) is also available.

2 Picture of DAC356535-ZZ

auto-bearing-dac356535 ZZ-wheel-hub-bearing dac356535 2Z

3 Applications of bearing DAC356535-ZZ

DAC356535-ZZ is been widely used in cars, and has also been gradually applied in heavy trucks.

4 Variants of DAC356535-ZZ bearing

DAC356535,DAC356535-ZZ,DAC356535 ZZ,DAC356535ZZ,DAC356535-2Z,DAC356535-2RS,DAC356535 2RS etc.

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