VLA200544-N Four Point Contact Bearing

VLA200544-N Four Point Contact Bearing

four point contact bearing VLA200544-N 434x640.3x56mm 434*640.3*56mm bearing VLA200544-N four point contact bearing slewing ring VLA200544-N


Product Properties of four point contact ball bearing VLA200544-N

(light series 20, external gear teeth, normalized gear teeth on bearing ring, lip seals at both side)

four point contact ball bearing VLA200544-N

di434  mm Tolerance: +0,5/0
Da640,3  mm 
Di545,5  mm Tolerance: +0,5/0
Di   ZT547  mm Valid   for bearings with centring (suffix ZT)

Centring lengths (T, t) (see   dimension drawing)

Tolerance:   +IT8
d0630  mm 
da542,5  mm Tolerance:   0/-0,5
di ZT436  mm Valid for bearings with centring   (suffix ZT)

Centring   lengths (T, t) (see dimension drawing)

Tolerance: +IT8
H56  mm 
La585  mm 
Li462  mm 
m6  mm Tooth modulus
na14 Number   of fixing holes in outer ring
ni14 Number of fixing holes in inner   ring
z105 Number   of teeth
m41,5  kg Mass
Fr   per57800  N Maximum   permissible radial load against friction lock
Fz norm21300  N Maximum permissible tooth force   (dedendum fatigue strength)
Fz   max31500  N Max.   permissible tooth force against tooth fracture in dedendum
Ca154000  N Basic dynamic load rating, axial
C0a385000  N Basic   static load rating, axial
Cr139000  N Basic dynamic load rating,   radial
C0r144000  N Basic   static load rating, radial

Taper type lubrication nipples,   DIN 71412-A S8x1, spaced approximately uniformly on circumference

Bearings   are also available without holes in the bearing rings.


Extended four point contact bearing have ex-stock in Sun Rises Group Limited

Slewing-Bearing-with-Flange-Vla200544N four contact bearing


Interchangeble relationship sheet of four point contact bearing among famous bearing company

VLA200414-NRKS.21 0411RK6-16E1Z91-20 0413/1-3711221-0411-01E.505.20.00.C231.20.0400.013
VLA200544-NRKS.21 0541RK6-22E1Z91-20 0541/1-3712221-0541-01E.650.20.00.C231.20.0500.013
VLA200644-NRKS.21 0641RK6-25E1Z91-20 0641/1-3713221-0641-01E.750.20.00.C231.20.0600.013
VLA200744-NRKS.21 0741RK6-29E1Z91-20 0741/1-3714221-0741-01E.850.20.00.C231.20.0700.013
VLA200844-NRKS.21 0841RK6-33E1Z91-20 0841/1-3715221-0841-01E.950.20.00.C 231.20.0800.013
VLA200944-NRKS.21 0941RK6-37E1Z91-20 0941/1-3716221-0941-01E.1050.20.00.C231.20.0900.013
VLA201094-NRKS.21 1091RK6-43E1Z91-20 1091/1-3717221-1091-01E.1200.20.00.C231.20.1000.013

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