CT1310 Clutch Release Bearing

CT1310 Clutch Release Bearing 63.5x103.5x21.4mm
63.5*103.5*21.4mm bearing
Clutch Release Bearing CT-1310
CT1310 bearing


CT 1310 bearing is clutch release bearing. 

The size of bearing CT 1310 is 63.5x103.5x21.4mm.

Database of CT1310 Clutch Release Bearing

Bearing Number CT1310
Bearing   TypeDeep   Groove Ball Bearing
Bearing   ApplicationClutch   bearing
Bearing   Size63.5x103.5x21.4mm
Mass   bearing0.6kgs

Remark: CT-1310 ZZ, CT1310, CT1310ARSED etc is also available in Sun Rises Group Limited.

Image of bearing CT1310

CT1310 Clutch Release Bearing CT 1310 bearing

Bearing warehouse overview of Sun Rises Group Limited

CT1310 Clutch Release Bearing CT 1310 bearing bearing warehouse Sun Rises Group Limited

Sun Rises Group Limited have brilliant history in doing bearing business(from year 1986), can supply almost all the range of premium quality clutch release bearings.

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