UCP202-10 Pillow Block Housing Units

UCP202-10 pillow block housing units 15.875x127x62mm
15.875*127*62mm bearing
pillow block housing units UCP202-10
UCP202-10 ball bearing housing units


Insert bearing with housing UCP202-10 is a kind of bearing unit that combines rolling bearing and bearing housing. Most outer spherical bearings have a spherical outer diameter and are mounted together with a bearing housing with a spherical inner hole. 

The structure is diverse, versatile and interchangeable.

UCP202-10 also has a certain degree of self-alignment in the design and is easy to install. 

UCP202-10 has a double structure sealing device and can work in harsh environments.

Boundary dimension of pillow block housing units UCP202-10

UCP202-10 pillow block housing units

Bearing   NumberUC202-10
d15.875  mm 
d5/8  inch 
L127  mm 
H262  mm 
A38  mm 
B31  mm 
H30,2  mm 
H114  mm 
J95  mm 
N13  mm 
N119  mm 
S118,3  mm 
Mass0,68  kg 
insert bearingUC202-10 

Picture of UCP202-10 bearing units

UCP202-10 pillow block housing units UCP202-10 bearing

Expanded ball bearing units available in Sun Rises Group Limited

UCP202-10 pillow block housing unit

Bearing unitHousingBearingd(mm)L(mm)H(mm)A(mm)C(kN)C0(kN)Limiting speed(r/min)
UCP 204P 204UC 2042012764.53412.76.76500
UCP 204/HP 204UC 204/H2012764.53412.76.558500
UCP 204-12P 204UC 204-1219.0512764.53412.76.76500
UCP 205P 205UC 20525139.570.538147.85850
UCP 205/HP 205UC 205/H25139.570.538147.87000
UCP 205-14P 205UC 205-1422.225139.570.538147.85850
UCP 205-15P 205UC 205-1523.812139.570.538147.85850
UCP 205-16P 205UC 205-1625.4139.570.538147.85850
UCP 206P 206UC 2063016583.54519.511.45000
UCP 206/HP 206UC 206/H3016583.54519.511.26300
UCP 206-18P 206UC 206-1828.57516583.54519.511.45000
UCP 206-19P 206UC 206-1930.16216583.54519.511.45000
UCP 207P 207UC 20735166.593.54625.515.34300
UCP 207/HP 207UC 207/H35166.593.54625.515.35300
UCP 207-20P 207UC 207-2031.75166.593.54625.515.34300
UCP 207-22P 207UC 207-2234.925166.593.54625.515.34300
UCP 207-23P 207UC 207-2336.512166.593.54625.515.34300
UCP 208P 208UC 208401841014932.5203750
UCP 208/HP 208UC 208/H401841014930.7194800
UCP 208-24P 208UC 208-2438.11841014932.5203750
UCP 209P 209UC 20945189.51085132.520.43400
UCP 209/HP 209UC 209/H45189.51085133.221.64300
UCP 209-28P 209UC 209-2844.45189.51085132.520.43400
UCP 210P 210UC 21050206.51165635.123.23300
UCP 210/HP 210UC 210/H50206.51165635.123.24000
UCP 211P 211UC 211552191265943.6293000
UCP 211/HP 211UC 211/H552191265943.6293600
UCP 211-32P 211UC 211-3250.82191265943.6293000
UCP 212P 212UC 21260239.5141.56252.7362700
UCP 212/HP 212UC 212/H60239.5141.56252.7363400
UCP 212-36P 212UC 212-3657.15239.5141.56252.7362700
UCP 213P 213UC 21365265153.57257.2402350
UCP 213/HP 213UC 213/H65265153.57257.2403000
UCP 213-40P 213UC 213-4063.5265153.57257.2402350
UCP 214P 214UC 21470266159.57262.4442250
UCP 215P 215UC 21575271.51647366.3492100
UCP 216P 216UC 216802921767871.5541900
UCP 217P 217UC 21785310.51898383.2641800
UCP 218P 218UC 21890327202.58895.6721600
UCP 308P 308UC 30840221119.55741244200
UCP 310P 310UC 310502751526561.8383400
UCP 312P 312UC 312603211717281.9522900
UCP 315P 315UC 315753682028611476.52300
UCP 315-48P 315UC 315-4876.23682028611476.52300
UCP 320P 320UC 3201004822831071741401700
UCP 320-64P 320UC 320-64101.64822831071741401700

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