KMTA 40 Precision Lock Nut

KMTA 40 lock nut is a kind of precision lock nut.The size of MTA 40 lock nut is M200x3X245mmX32mm.


KMTA 40 lock nut is a kind of precision lock nut. KMTA series precision lock nuts are surrounded by three lock pins at the same interval, which can be used to lock the nut to the shaft with a flat head screw. The end face of each locking pin is processed to match the composition. The axis is parallel to the loading side of the shaft thread when drilling the locking pin and flat screw hole. When tightened to the recommended torque, the locking screw provides sufficient friction between the end of the pin and the unloaded thread flanks to prevent the nut from loosening under normal operating conditions. Because the locking pins are close to the unloaded side of the shaft thread, they are not subjected to any load on the nutThe size of MTA 40 lock nut is  M200x3X245mmX32mm.

Technical specification dimension reference of KMTA 40 lock nut

KMTA 40 Precision locknut.its size is m 200x3 X237X245X32mm.

Bearing No.KMTA 40
Bearing DescriptionPrecision lock nut
Bearing Size(mm)M200x3X245mmX32mm
GM 200x3
d1237 mm
B32 mm
d3245 mm
d4202 mm
J1229 mm
J217 mm
N18.4 mm
N210 mm
Axial static load carrying capacity1 340 kN
Mounting information
Associated spanner (Hook spanner in accordance with DIN 1810)B 230-245
Grub (set) / Locking screw sizeM10
Recommended tightening torque35 N·m
Mass3.86 kg

Reference image of KMTA 40 lock nut

KMTA 40 Precision bearing lock nut.its dimensions is m 200x3 X237X245X32mm.

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warehouse image

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