RB12025UUCC0P5 Crossed Roller Bearing

RB12025UUCC0P5 crossed roller bearing 120x180x25mm
crossed roller bearing RB12025UUCC0P5 120*180*25mm
bearing RB12025UUCC0P5
RB12025UUCC0P5 bearing


RB12025UUCC0P5 is the basic model of the cross roller ring, its outer ring is separable while the inner ring is integrated with the main body. RB12025UUCC0P5 is used in locations where the rotation accuracy of the inner ring is required. 

Major application of RB12025UUCC0P5 include the index table swiveling unit of machine tools. 

croosed roller bearing RB12025uuCC0p5

Technical data of crossed roller bearing RB12025UUCC0P5(Separable Outer Ring Type)

RB12025uuCC0p5 crossed roller bearing

Model   NumberRB12025UUCC0P5
Bearing descriptioncrossed roller bearing
Shaft   diameter(mm)120
inner   diameter(d,mm)120
outer dimeter(D,mm)180
roller   pitch circle diameter(mm)148.7
Width B B1(mm)25
Greasing   hole a(mm)3.5
Greasing hole b(mm)2
Shoulder dimensions ds(mm)133
Shoulder   dimensions Dh(mm)164
Basic load rating C(kN)66.9
Basic   load rating Co(kN)100

Code analyse of RB12025UUCC0P5 crossed roller bearing

RB12025-model number, 120 represent the inner diameter of RB12025UUCC0P5

UU-with seal attached on both sides

CC0-negative clearance(preload)

P5-grade 5 rotation accuracy

Product picture of RB12025UUCC0P5 cross roller bearing

RB12025UUCC0P5 bearing crossed roller bearing

For addtional crossed roller bearings, freely check with the bearing specialist for specific information.


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