Deep Groove Ball Bearings installation and Maintenance(Latest!)

Deep Groove Ball Bearings installation and Maintenance(Latest!)

Oct 23, 2020

How to install deep groove ball bearings in right ways definitely direct decide the bearing performance. At the same time, how to maintain the bearing and extend its usage life is also one of the most important ways to reduct the cost and improve the productivity in the factory.

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Installation and use of deep groove ball bearings

1. When installing the bearing, the force should be uniform and not directly hammered. For example, if the interference is large, the bearing should be heated in an air heating furnace or oil furnace with automatic temperature control, and the heating temperature should be strictly controlled below 120°.

2. Bearings equipped with nylon cages can work continuously and stably at -40°-120° for a long time, working at 150° should not exceed 4 hours, and the short-term temperature peak should not exceed 180°.

3. The warehouse where the bearings are stored should be clean, dry and not allowed to be stored in the same warehouse as chemical products, the relative humidity should not exceed 65%, and the bearings are not allowed to be stored on the ground.

4. Inventory bearings should be cleaned every other year for anti-rust packaging.

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