Use of micro bearings

Use of micro bearings

Oct 14, 2019

Because bearings are precision components, their use must be carried out with care accordingly.

Precautions for the use of micro bearings:

1, keep the bearingand and its surroundings clean.

Even small dust that is invisible to the eyes affects the normal use of micro bearings. Therefore, to keep bearings using the environment clean, so that dust and other foreign objects can not enter the bearing.

2, use with care.

In use to avoid strong impact on bearings, resulting in scars and indentations, become the cause of accidents. In severe cases of impact, cracks and breaks, so it is important to note.

(3), use the appropriate operating tools.

The proper tools must be used when using bearings and substitute tools must be avoided.

4, pay attention to bearing rust.

Sweat on the hands can be the cause of bearing rust, keep your hands clean and use gloves as much as possible.

3, damage to micro bearings

If the bearing has accidental and premature damage, can not continue to use the situation, as opposed to fatigue life, is called a fault or accident of quality use limits. Generally due to installation, use, lubrication on the non-attention, foreign objects from the outside intrusion, for the shaft, shell of the thermal effects of the study is not sufficient. About the bearing damage state such as: roller bearing collars, side-injury, as a reason to consider, lubricant shortage, not suitable, oil-supply construction defects, foreign body intrusion, bearing installation error, shaft flexing is too large, there will also be these reasons coincide. Therefore, it is difficult to know the true cause of the damage by investigating only bearing damage. However, if you know the use of bearing machinery, conditions of use, the structure around the bearing, to understand the situation before and after the accident, combined with the damage state of the bearing and several reasons to investigate, it can prevent similar accidents can occur again.