SHS35R Slide Block

linear motion guide SHS35R 55x70x122mm linear guideway block 55*70*122mm block SHS35R


Technical datas of SHS35R linear motion block

Series-THK SHS mute series guide

SHS35R drawings

Model   No.Outer   dimensionsBlock   dimensionsRail   dimensionsBasic   load ratingMass Weight
HeightWidthLengthBCS x lPitchd1xd2xhDynamicStaticBlockRail
SHS15R283464.42626M4 x 5604.5x7.5x5.314.
SHS25R4048923535M6 x 8607x11x931.752.40.663.2
SHS30R45601064040M8 x 10809x14x1244.866.61.044.5
SHS35R55701225050M8 x 12809x14x1262.396.61.86.2
SHS45R70861406060M10 x 1710514x20x1782.81263.2410.4
SHS55R801001717575M12 x 1812016x23x201281975.0514.5

Working principle of SHS35R linear guideway

The steel ball rolls along the 4 rows of rolling surfaces that are precision ground on the SHS guide rail and the slider; the ball is circulated through the ball holder and the end cover assembled on the LM slider.

In order to make the four acting directions (radial, reverse radial and lateral) on slider SHS35R have the same load rating, each steel ball row is designed to be arranged at a contact angle of 45 °, so SHS35R can be used in any posture use. 

And since SHS35R can apply an equal preload, SHS35R can not only maintain a low friction coefficient but also strengthening the rigidity in four directions.

 At the same time, because the cross-section height is low, and the SHS35R slider is designed with high rigidity, SHS35R can obtain stable high-precision linear motion.

SHS35R linear bearing

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