Causes Of Cone Roller Bearing Burns

Causes Of Cone Roller Bearing Burns

Sep 20, 2019

What is the cause of burns in conical roller bearings? Listen to the little editor for you?

The so-called cone roller bearing burn damage state refers to the cone roller bearing swelled in rotation heat or discoloration, softening, melting and breaking, causing the cone roller bearing burn mainly due to poor lubrication of the bearing, may use irregular lubricant, or excessive lubricant, Are all incorrect.???

Second, it may be too large a load, too large speed, too small play, water or other foreign objects intruded. If the above two cases are not, then it is the shaft, the bearing box of poor precision, the shaft deflection is large. So what's the solution? The first step is to study lubricants and lubrication methods. Select the right bearing lubricant and its dosage, and correct the selection of conical roller bearings. Research should be carried out on fit, bearing clearance and pre-pressure, and the accuracy of the sealing device and the inspection shaft and bearing box should be improved. It is recommended that when using conical roller bearings, we should pay attention to installation, lubrication, play and other links are as accurate as possible, in place.