What Is The Optimal Temperature For SKF Bearing Installation?

What Is The Optimal Temperature For SKF Bearing Installation?

Nov 17, 2020

What is the optimal temperature for SKF bearing installation?

110° is fine.

There are two most common ways to replace SKF bearings.


One is to use acetylene oxygen to heat the imported bearings directly; the other is to use oil immersion heating for small SKF imported bearings to achieve thermal expansion and expand the inner diameter of the bearing for assembly. These methods have been widely used in long-term equipment maintenance, and basically satisfy and solve the bearing assembly problem in equipment maintenance.

However, these two methods are difficult to determine whether the temperature value of the heated area of the bearing is uniform during the heating process. Because the traditional acetylene oxygen heating is a single gas burner, and the heating process is only based on experience, it is difficult to know how much the temperature of the heated bearing is to be increased. If the temperature is too high, it will anneal the bearing and reduce the mechanical properties of the SKF bearing; if the temperature is too low, the thermal expansion value is not enough, making it difficult to assemble. In equipment repairs, repairers sometimes have to take down the bearings and install them again due to insufficient heating of the bearings and the bearings cannot be installed in the correct positions, which increases the labor intensity.

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To this end, we propose a new method to change the traditional heating assembly of bearings.


1. Use electric heating instead of acetylene oxygen heating. The plane electric furnace is designed as a cylindrical electric furnace, named as the bearing electric heater. According to different bearing inner diameters, bearing electric heaters of different power and specifications can be designed (the best applicable range is bearing inner diameter φ300mm/above). This kind of heating device has the following advantages: uniform and stable heat radiation, no smoke and dust on the surface of the heated bearing, clean and clean, and easy to measure and control the bearing temperature.


2. Use an infrared thermometer to monitor the temperature of the heated bearing surface. The heating value of the bearing assembly is generally controlled at 100℃~120℃. Within this temperature value, the bearing steel has the largest thermal expansion value, which is convenient for bearing assembly. This temperature value will not change the mechanical properties of the bearing and has high reliability.

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In summary, the bearing electric heater is superior to the traditional acetylene oxygen heating, and is an effective method to improve bearing assembly accuracy and work efficiency, and reduce labor intensity.

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