863RX3445A Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

four row cylindrical roller bearing 863RX3445A 862.98mm*1219.302mm*889mm
862.98x1219.302x889mm bearing
863RX3445A bearing
863RX3445A four row cylindrical roller bearing


Technical data of four row cylindrical roller bearing 863RX3445A

(with lubrication grooves and holes on outer rings)

Four-Row-Cylindrical-Roller-Bearing 863RX3445A

Bearing No.863RX3445A
Bore   d

862.980   mm

33.9756 in

O.D. D

1219.302   mm

48.0040 in

Width B

876.300   mm

34.5000 in

Width C

889.000   mm

35.0000 in


956.000   mm

37.6378 in

Static   Load Rating Co

34600   kN

7780000 lbf

Dynamic   Load Rating C11

84000   kN

18840000 lbf



7548.900   lb

Mounting Data
Chamfer   rsmin

5.00 mm

0.20   in

Chamfer   r1smin2

12.0 mm

0.470   in

Angle   of Chamfer r1smin20º
Backing   Shaft Diameter ds

938.2   mm

36.94 in

Backing   Housing Diameter Ds

1140.0   mm

44.88 in

Lubrication   Data
Lubrication   Groove g

25.3 mm

1.00   in

Lubrication   Hole Diameter h

13.0 mm

0.51   in

Number   of Lubrication Holes16
Sub Assembly   Part Numbers
Inner-Ring   Set863ARXS3445A
Outer-Ring   Set956RXS3445A      

Application of four row cylindrical roller bearing 863RX3445A

Four row cylindrical roller bearing 863RX3445A is engineered primarily for rolling mill roll-neck applications,four-row cylindrical bearings 863RX3445A are commonly used in work roll or back-up roll positions in flat product, long productand structural mills.

Extended four row cylindrical roller bearing available in Sun Rises Group Limited's portfolio

BearingDimension(dxDxC)Dimension(dxDxC)2Static   Load RatingDynamic   Load Rating
No.mminch Co Cor
145RYL1452145x225x156   mm5.7087x8.8583x6.1417   in1100   kN1832   kN
160RYL1468160x230x130 mm6.2992x9.0551x5.1181 in856 kN1352 kN
160RYL1467160x230x168   mm6.2992x9.0551x6.6142   in1188   kN2224   kN
165RYL1451165.1x225.425x168.275 mm6.5x8.875x6.6250 in1158 kN2264 kN
180RYL1527180x260x168   mm7.0866x10.2362x6.6142   in1452   kN2568   kN
190RY1528190x260x168 mm7.4803x10.2362x6.6142 in1288 kN2604 kN
190RY1543190x270x200   mm7.4803x10.6299x7.8740   in1702   kN3304   kN
200RYL1544200x270x170 mm7.874x10.6299x6.6929 in1334 kN2788 kN
200RYL1566200x280x170   mm7.874x11.0236x6.6929   in1542   kN2868   kN
200RYL1567200x280x200 mm7.874x11.0236x7.8740 in1730 kN3424 kN
200RYL1585200x290x192   mm7.874x11.4173x7.5591   in1774   kN3208   kN
220RYL1621220x310x192 mm8.6614x12.2047x7.5591 in1840 kN3432 kN
220RY1683220x340x218   mm8.6614x13.3858x8.5827   in2320   kN4160   kN
230RYL1667230x330x206 mm9.0551x12.9921x8.1102 in2120 kN3988 kN
240RY1668240x330x220   mm9.4488x12.9921x8.6614   in1924   kN4320   kN
250RY1681250x340x230 mm9.8425x13.3858x9.0551 in1952 kN4521 kN
260RYL1744260x370x220   mm10.2362x14.5669x8.6614   in2580   kN5040   kN
260RY1763260x380x280 mm10.2362x14.9606x11.0236 in3240 kN6280 kN
280RYL1783280x390x220   mm11.0236x15.3543x8.6614   in2620   kN5200   kN
280RYL1782280x390x275 mm11.0236x15.3543x10.8268 in3049 kN7020 kN
300RX1846300x420x300   mm11.811x16.5354x11.8110   in4140   kN8720   kN
300RXL1845300x420x300 mm11.811x16.5354x11.8110 in4080 kN8360 kN
300RY2002300x500x360   mm11.811x19.685x14.1732   in6200   kN10160   kN
330RX1922330x460x340 mm12.9921x18.1102x13.3858 in4980 kN10840 kN
340RX1965A340x480x310   mm13.3858x18.8976x12.2047   in4660   kN9640   kN
340RYL1963340x480x350 mm13.3858x18.8976x13.7795 in5180 kN10880 kN
370RX2045370x520x380   mm14.5669x20.4724x14.9606   in6500   kN14040   kN
380RX2089380x540x300 mm14.9606x21.2598x11.8110 in5420 kN10560 kN
380RX2086A380x540x380   mm14.9606x21.2598x14.9606   in6840   kN14360   kN
380RX2087380x540x400 mm14.9606x21.2598x15.7480 in6900 kN14760 kN
390RX2088390x540x320   mm15.3543x21.2598x12.5984   in5540   kN11440   kN
390RY2103390x550x400 mm15.3543x21.6535x15.7480 in6680 kN13960 kN
400RX2123400x560x410   mm15.748x22.0472x16.1417   in7460   kN16440   kN
431RX2141431.5x571.5x300 mm16.9882x22.5x11.8110 in5200 kN10600 kN
440RX2245440x620x450   mm17.3228x24.4094x17.7165   in9100   kN20200   kN
460RX2371460x685x400 mm18.1102x26.9685x15.7480 in8780 kN15880 kN
480RX2303B480x650x450   mm18.8976x25.5906x17.7165   in9540   kN21960   kN
500RX2345A500x670x450 mm19.685x26.378x17.7165 in9520 kN22200 kN
500RX2422500x710x480   mm19.685x27.9528x18.8976   in10780   kN23800   kN
500RX2443500x720x530 mm19.685x28.3465x20.8661 in12440 kN28680 kN
510RX2364510x680x500   mm20.0787x26.7717x19.6850   in10280   kN26040   kN
510RX2461510x730x520 mm20.0787x28.7402x20.4724 in12680 kN27280 kN
530RX2522530x760x520   mm20.8661x29.9213x20.4724   in13080   kN27680   kN
550RX2484550x740x510 mm21.6535x29.1339x20.0787 in11780 kN28400 kN
560RX2644560x820x600   mm22.0472x32.2835x23.6220   in16180   kN34240   kN
571RX2622571.1x812.97x594 mm22.4843x32.0067x23.3858 in15440 kN35000 kN
600RX2643A600x820x575   mm23.622x32.2835x22.6378   in14780   kN36120   kN
600RX2643B600x820x575 mm23.622x32.2835x22.6378 in14780 kN36120 kN
600RX2744600x870x640   mm23.622x34.252x25.1969   in18040   kN40000   kN
650RX2803A650x900x650 mm25.5906x35.4331x25.5906 in18980 kN41200 kN
650RX2841C650x920x670   mm25.5906x36.2205x26.3780   in19520   kN45600   kN
690RX2965690x980x715 mm27.1654x38.5827x28.1496 in22400 kN53200 kN
690RX2966690x980x750   mm27.1654x38.5827x29.5276   in23000   kN54800   kN
700RX2862700x930x620 mm27.5591x36.6142x24.4094 in16920 kN44400 kN
700RX2964A700x980x700   mm27.5591x38.5827x27.5591   in21000   kN51200   kN
705RX3131B705x1066.905x635 mm27.7559x42.0041x25.0000 in22600 kN45200 kN
710RX3006710x1000x715   mm27.9528x39.3701x28.1496   in22800   kN54400   kN
730RX2922730x960x620 mm28.7402x37.7953x24.4094 in17500 kN45200 kN
730RX3064730x1030x750   mm28.7402x40.5512x29.5276   in24600   kN59200   kN
730RX3064A730x1030x750 mm28.7402x40.5512x29.5276 in24600 kN59200 kN
750RX3005750x1000x670   mm29.5276x39.3701x26.3780   in20400   kN52000   kN
760RX3166760x1080x790 mm29.9213x42.5197x31.1024 in26800 kN63600 kN
761RX3166B760.925x1079.6x787.4   mm29.9577x42.5039x31.0000   in26800   kN64000   kN
761RX3166761.425x1079.6x787.4 mm29.9774x42.5039x31.0000 in26800 kN64000 kN
770RX3151770x1075x770   mm30.315x42.3228x30.3150   in26000   kN62800   kN
780RX3141780x1070x780 mm30.7087x42.126x30.7087 in25400 kN62400 kN
800RX3165800x1080x700   mm31.4961x42.5197x27.5591   in22600   kN59200   kN
800RX3164800x1080x750 mm31.4961x42.5197x29.5276 in22600 kN58800 kN
820RX3201A820x1100x720   mm32.2835x43.3071x28.3465   in23000   kN57600   kN
820RX3263820x1130x650 mm32.2835x44.4882x25.5906 in23200 kN52400 kN
820RX3264820x1130x800   mm32.2835x44.4882x31.4961   in27400   kN68400   kN
820RX3264A820x1130x800 mm32.2835x44.4882x31.4961 in27400 kN68400 kN
820RX3264C820x1130x800   mm32.2835x44.4882x31.4961   in27400   kN68400   kN
820RX3264D820x1130x800 mm32.2835x44.4882x31.4961 in27400 kN68400 kN
850RX3304850x1150x840   mm33.4646x45.2756x33.0709   in28800   kN74800   kN
850RX3365850x1180x850 mm33.4646x46.4567x33.4646 in29600 kN72800 kN
863RX3445A862.98x1219.302x889   mm33.9756x48.004x35.0000   in34600   kN84000   kN
880RXK3364A880x1180x750 mm34.6457x46.4567x29.5276 in27400 kN68000 kN
880RXK3366880x1180x750   mm34.6457x46.4567x29.5276   in26600   kN66400   kN
900RX3444900x1220x840 mm35.4331x48.0315x33.0709 in30200 kN78800 kN
950RX3723950x1360x1000   mm37.4016x53.5433x39.3701   in43200   kN108800   kN
1040RX38821040x1439.89x1000 mm40.9449x56.6886x39.3701 in42600 kN101200 kN

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