464904E Needle Roller Bearing

needle roller bearing 464904E 19.3x25.3x19.8mm
464904E needle roller bearing
19.3*25.3*19.8mm bearing
464904E bearing


Needle roller and cage assemblies 464904E is self contained, ready to mount bearing. In application where the shaft and housing bore can serve as raceways, the assemblies 464904E can be used to create bearing arrangements that require minimal radial space.

Technical datas of 464904E needle roller bearing

needle roller bearing 464904E

Bearing No.464904E
Bearing TypeNeedle roller bearing
RowSingle   row
Cage materialPolyamide
Limiting speed(grease)14000rpm
Limiting speed(oil)22000rpm

Features of needle roller bearing 464904E

Lowest cross section among rolling bearing: In application where less space is available, needle roller and cage assemblies 464904E offer a very compact solution.

High load carrying capacity: Owing to large number of rollers, needle roller and cage assemblies 464904E have a high load carrying capacity.

High stiffness: Becaues of their large number of small-diameter rollers, needle roller and cage assemblies have a high stiffness. 

Product picture of 464904E needle roller bearing


Extended needle roller bearing(needle roller and cage assemblies) in Sun Rises Group Limited

DesignationPrincipal   dimensionsBasic   load ratingsFatigue load   limitSpeed   ratings
FwEwBdynamicstaticPuReference speedLimiting speed
K 19x23x1719231712.119.32.282000024000
K 19x23x131923139.1313.71.62000024000
K 20x26x2020262020.1293.61900022000
K 20x26x1720261718.3263.21900022000
K 20x26x1220261212.816.31.961900022000
K 20x26x1320261313.8182.161900022000
K 20x28x2520282529.2394.91800020000
K 20x28x2020282022.928.53.451800020000
K 20x28x162028161922.42.71800020000
K 20x30x3020303034.141.55.21700020000
K 20x24x132024139.5214.61.662000022000
K 20x24x102024108.5812.91.462000022000
K 20x24x1720241712.520.82.42000022000
K 21x25x132125139.6815.31.761900022000
K 22x26x102226108.813.71.561800020000
K 22x26x1322261310.116.31.861800020000
K 22x26x1722261713.222.82.71800020000
K 22x32x2422322431.9404.91600018000
K 22x28x1722281718.3273.251700020000
K 22x30x15 TN2230151923.62.81700019000
K 22x29x1622291619.425.53.051700019000
K 23x35x16 TN23351624.223.22.91500017000
K 24x30x31 ZW24303126.4435.31600018000
K 24x30x1724301718.727.53.41600018000
K 24x28x172428171425.531700019000
K 24x28x1324281310.6182.081700019000
K 24x28x102428109.35151.731700019000
K 25x32x1625321619.827.53.351500017000
K 25x31x1725311718.728.53.451600018000
K 25x31x2125312123.3384.751600018000
K 25x30x26 ZW25302620.5364.151600018000
K 25x29x1725291714.226.53.11600018000
K 25x29x102529109.5215.61.81600018000
K 25x29x1325291310.818.62.161600018000
K 25x30x1725301717.930.53.61600018000
K 25x35x3025353044.6627.81500017000
K 25x30x2025302020.936.54.41600018000
K 25x33x2425332431.947.55.851500017000
K 25x33x2025332027.5384.651500017000
K 26x30x1726301714.727.53.251600018000
K 26x30x1326301311.219.62.281600018000
K 26x30x22 ZW26302215.1293.351600018000
K 28x35x1628351620.5303.551400016000
K 28x34x1728341720.933.54.151400016000
K 28x40x2528402542.9556.951300015000
K 28x35x1828351822.934.54.151400016000
K 28x33x172833171933.54.051400016000
K 28x33x1328331314.724.52.851400016000
K 30x40x3030403046.869.58.651200014000
K 30x35x2730352729.2607.351300015000

464904e-needle roller bearing-Needle Roller and Cage Assembly

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