JL819349/JL819310 Tapered Roller Bearing

JL819349-JL819310 tapered roller bearing 95x135x20mm
95*135*20mm bearing
tapered roller bearing JL819349-JL819310
JL819349-JL819310 bearing


The size of JL819349-JL819310 tapered roller bearing is 95mmx135mmx20mm.  

Bearing JL819349/819310 mainly sells to USA, Turkey, Brazil, Chile etc.

Database of JL819349-JL819310 tapered roller bearing

Bearing NumberJL819349/JL819310
Bearing ApplicationImperial Tapered Roller Bearing
Bearing Size95x135x20mm
Dynamic Load   Rating98.4KN
Static Load   Rating133KN
Mass bearing0.85kgs

Remark: JL819349/10, 819349/819310, 819349/10 etc is also available in Sun Rises Group Limited

Image of bearing JL819349-JL819310

JL819349-JL819310 tapered roller bearing JL819349-JL819310 bearing

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