525141 Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing

525141 cylindrical roller thrust bearing
482.6*673.1*114.3mm bearing
525141 bearing


525141 bearing is cylindrical roller thrust bearing, that are designed to accommodate heavy axial loads and impact loads. 

The dimension of bearing 525141 is 482.6x673.1x114.3mm.

525141 bearing  is very stiff and require little axial space, must not be subjected to any radial load. 

Database of 525141 cylindrical roller thrust bearing

Bearing   No.525141
Bearing Typecylindrical roller   thrust bearing
Bearing Sizes482.6x673.1x114.3mm

Image of bearing 525141

525141 cylindrical roller thrust bearing

Bearing warehouse image of Sun Rises Group Limited

525141 cylindrical roller thrust bearing bearing warehouse Sun Rises Group Limited

Cylindrical roller thrust bearing can be applied for material handling industry, industrial transmissions, machine tools and automotives, such as trucks, trailers and buses etc.

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