60TP125 Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearing

60TP125 thrust cylindrical roller bearing 152.4mmx254mmx50.8mm
152.4mm*254mm*50.8mm bearing
thrust cylindrical roller bearing 60TP125
60TP125 bearing


Technical data of 60TP125 thrust cylindrical roller bearing

60TP125 thrust cylindrical roller bearing

Weight10.7 Kg
23.7 lb
Bearing   TypeThrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings - TP
d   - Bore Diameter152.400 mm
6.0000 in
D - Bearing O.D.254.000 mm
10.0000 in
T -   Bearing Width50.800 mm
2.0000 in
T1 - Ring Thickness14.29 mm
0.562 in
d1 -   Large Bore I.D.153.99 mm
6.062 in
D1 - Small Diameter O.D.252.41 mm
9.938 in
E -   Shoulder Diameter - Housing165.1 mm
 6.50 in
H - Shoulder Diameter - Shaft241.3 mm
9.50 in
r -   Fillet Chamfer3.2 mm
0.12 in
Basic Load   Ratings
Static   Load Rating3300 kN
738800 lbf
Dynamic Load Rating700 kN
164000 lbf
Limiting   Speed1140 rpm      

Product picture of thrust cylindrical roller bearing 60TP125

thrust cylindrical roller bearing 60TP125

Application of 60TP125 thrust cylindrical roller bearing

60TP125 bearings can be used for motors, sliding vane compressors, commercial special equipment, speed regulating motors, plastic molding, screening equipment, horizontal lathes, high temperature fans, refrigeration compressors, lifting table milling machines, coaxial reducers, mining, etc.

Features of thrust cylindrical roller bearing 60TP125

Simple and economical design with easy installation

Extended thrust cylindrical roller bearing 6available in Sun Rises Group Limited

Part NumberdxDxT(mm)dxDxT(in)Static Load RatingDynamic Load RatingLimiting Speed
20TP10350.8x152.4x34.925mm2x6x1.3750 in1400   KN400   KN1900   rpm
20TP10450.8x177.8x34.925mm2x7x1.3750   in1700 KN400 KN1630 rpm
30TP10676.2x152.4x34.925mm3x6x1.3750 in1200   KN300   KN1900   rpm
30TP10776.2x177.8x34.925mm3x7x1.3750   in1800 KN400 KN1630 rpm
30TP10876.2x203.2x34.925mm3x8x1.3750 in2300   KN500   KN1420   rpm
30TP10976.2x228.6x34.925mm3x9x1.3750   in3100 KN600 KN1260 rpm
35TP11388.9x132.558x25.4mm3.5x5.2188x1.0000 in700   KN200   KN2190   rpm
40TP114101.6x177.8x44.45mm4x7x1.7500   in1700 KN400 KN1630 rpm
40TP115101.6x203.2x44.45mm4x8x1.7500 in2300   KN500   KN1420   rpm
40TP116101.6x228.6x44.45mm4x9x1.7500   in3000 KN700 KN1260 rpm
40TP117101.6x254x44.45mm4x10x1.7500 in3700   KN800   KN1140   rpm
50TP119127x203.2x44.45mm5x8x1.7500   in2100 KN500 KN1420 rpm
50TP120127x228.6x44.45mm5x9x1.7500 in2900   KN600   KN1260   rpm
50TP121127x254x50.8mm5x10x2.0000   in3700 KN800 KN1140 rpm
50TP122127x279.4x50.8mm5x11x2.0000 in4800   KN1000   KN1030   rpm
50TP123127x304.8x50.8mm5x12x2.0000   in5600 KN1100 KN950 rpm
60TP124152.4x228.6x50.8mm6x9x2.0000 in2400   KN600   KN1260   rpm
60TP125152.4x254x50.8mm6x10x2.0000   in3300 KN700 KN1140 rpm
60TP126152.4x279.4x50.8mm6x11x2.0000 in4600   KN900   KN1030   rpm
60TP127152.4x304.8x50.8mm6x12x2.0000   in5600 KN1100 KN950 rpm
S-4789-A174.625x279.4x69.85mm6.875x11x2.7500 in1400   KN400   KN1900   rpm
70TP129177.8x254x50.8mm7x10x2.0000   in1700 KN400 KN1630 rpm
70TP130177.8x279.4x50.8mm7x11x2.0000 in1200   KN300   KN1900   rpm
70TP131177.8x304.8x50.8mm7x12x2.0000   in1800 KN400 KN1630 rpm
70TP132177.8x355.6x76.2mm7x14x3.0000 in2300   KN500   KN1420   rpm
80TP134203.2x304.8x76.2mm8x12x3.0000   in3100 KN600 KN1260 rpm
80TP135203.2x355.6x76.2mm8x14x3.0000 in700   KN200   KN2190   rpm
80TP136203.2x406.4x76.2mm8x16x3.0000   in1700 KN400 KN1630 rpm
90TP139228.6x355.6x76.2mm9x14x3.0000 in2300   KN500   KN1420   rpm
90TP140228.6x406.4x76.2mm9x16x3.0000   in3000 KN700 KN1260 rpm
C-8360-A238.125x307.975x38.1mm9.375x12.125x1.500 in3700   KN800   KN1140   rpm
100TP143254x406.4x76.2mm10x16x3.0000   in2100 KN500 KN1420 rpm
100TP144254x457.2x95.25mm10x18x3.7000 in2900   KN600   KN1260   rpm
100TP145254x508x95.25mm10x20x3.7500   in3700 KN800 KN1140 rpm
F-2658-B280x375.4x53.01mm11.0236x14.7795x2.0870 in4800   KN1000   KN1030   rpm
120TP151304.8x457.2x95.25mm12x18x3.7500   in5600 KN1100 KN950 rpm
120TP152304.8x508x114.3mm12x20x4.500 in2400   KN600   KN1260   rpm
120TP153304.8x609.6x114.3mm12x24x4.500   in3300 KN700 KN1140 rpm
S-4790-A330.2x495.3x88.9mm13x19.5x3.5000 in4600   KN900   KN1030   rpm
140TP158355.6x508x95.25mm14x20x3.7500   in5600 KN1100 KN950 rpm
140TP159355.6x558.8x95.25mm14x22x3.7500 in3051   KN1156   KN1030   rpm
140TP160355.6x609.6x95.25mm14x24x3.7500   in2800 KN600 KN1140 rpm
160TP164406.4x558.8x114.3mm16x22x4.500 in3900   KN800   KN1030   rpm
160TP165406.4x609.6x114.3mm16x24x4.500   in5200 KN1000 KN950 rpm
160TP166406.4x660.4x114.3mm16x26x4.500 in7500   KN1700   KN810   rpm
S-4750-A431.8x571.5x88.9mm17x22.5x3.5000   in4500 KN1100 KN950 rpm
E-2192-A431.8x609.6x101.6mm17x24x4.0000 in6900   KN1500   KN810   rpm
E-2191-A457.2x660.4x101.6mm18x26x4.0000   in9300 KN1900 KN710 rpm
180TP168457.2x660.4x127mm18x26x5.0000 in6800   KN1500   KN810   rpm
180TP169457.2x711.2x127mm18x28x5.0000   in9400 KN1900 KN710 rpm

60TP125 thrust cylindrical roller bearings-60TP125

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