353067DC Rolling Mill Screw Down Bearing

353067DC rolling mill screw down bearing 571.5x581.03x240.77mm
571.5*581.03*240.77mm bearing
rolling mill screw down bearing 353067DC
353067DC bearing


Bearing 353067DC is rolling mill screw down bearings, is also known as tapered roller thrust bearing.

The size of 353067DC bearing is 571.5x581.03x240.77mm.

Database of 353067DC rolling mill screw down bearing

353067DC bearing 353067DC rolling mill screw down bearings

Bearing   No.353067DC
Bearing Typetapered roller thrust bearing, screw fixing bearing, screw bearing
Bearing Sizes571.5x581.03x240.77mm
Applicationrolling mill screw down bearing

Image of 353067DC bearing

353067DC rolling mill-screw-down-bearings

Bearing warehouse overview of Sun Rises Group Limited

353067DC rolling mill-screw-down-bearings bearing warehouse-sun rises group limited

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