LV20/8 ZZ Track Roller

LV20/8 ZZ track roller 8x30x14mm
8*30*14mm bearing
V groove track roller bearing LV20/8 ZZ
LV20/8ZZ bearing


Technical data of LV20/8 ZZ V groove guide roller bearing

LV20 8ZZ V groove profile track roller

Bearing No.LV20/8ZZ locating Vee bearing track rollers with "V" profile. 
Bearing Typetrack roller/V Groove   Guide Roller Bearing/guide pulley bearing
Groove   Diameter: 120°/10mm
Bearing Size8x30x14mm
SealsMetal shield
Inner   Diameter: 8 mm
Outer Diameter: 30 mm 
Thickness: 14 mm
Weight: 0.049 kg 

Application of track roller LV20/8ZZ(LV20/8ZZ angle bearing roller)

LV20/8ZZ track roller bearing is widely used for the heavy-duty track, mobile equipment, wire straightening machine and so on.

Images of LV20/8 ZZ V groove profile track roller

V-groove-track-roller-bearing-LV20-8ZZ  LV20 8ZZ V groove profile track roller

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